Best in class aftercare.

As soon as you have one of our appliances in your kitchen, you can start accessing RATIONAL ServicePlus services at any time — from the first day of product service life to the last.

And they don’t cost you a single penny more. It doesn’t matter how old or new your unit is, or how large or small your concerns are. With more than 1,000 chefs worldwide, RATIONAL is there for you wherever and whenever you need us.

RATIONAL is your partner:
  • Who is there for you.
  • Who understands you.
  • Who trains you.
  • Who keeps showing you new tips and tricks.
  • Seeing is believing

    The RATIONAL CookingLive culinary events give you the opportunity to see our technology in action. You will be able to taste the quality of the food being cooked, test the ease of use, experience the versatility, and much more.

    Come cook with us.
  • Advice and design

    We will visit your kitchen, observe your operation, and work closely with you to develop a solution that is tailored to your needs. For more information, please call us at 888-320-7274.

    Advice and design
  • Test to buy

    Experience the SelfCookingCenter® in your kitchen before purchasing. Give it a try before you buy!

  • RATIONAL Certified Installation

    RATIONAL has an extensive network of RATIONAL Service Partners that are trained on how to properly install your piece of equipment. RATIONAL offers two Certified Installation options to choose from, an installation with a Pre-Inspection Site Survey or one without. Pre-Installation Site Survey ensures that the site has the proper space and connections for gas, electric, drain, and water.

    Commissioning Program
    Should you choose to assume the responsibility of the installation, we offer a no-charge Commissioning Program to ensure that your RATIONAL unit is installed properly.

    RATIONAL Certified Installation
  • Academy RATIONAL

    Further training is part of the service at RATIONAL. Visit our basic demonstrations for our SelfCookingCenter® and CombiMaster® Plus units. We also offer paid events on selected special topics. There you'll see how you can use the SelfCookingCenter® in your establishment and discover new possibilities for events or for an attractive menu.

    Register here
    Academy RATIONAL
  • Chef Assistance

    After your RATIONAL has been successfully installed, we provide free Chef Assistance. RATIONAL Certified Chefs will come to your kitchen and help you and your team become familiar with your new equipment.

    Chef Assistance
  • RATIONAL ConnectedCooking

    The internet platform for professional kitchens. Simply connect your appliances and benefit from numerous additional functionalities, such as simple appliance management, remote control via smart phone or simple transfer and management of your cooking programmes or automatic HACCP documentation. Let yourself be inspired by the full recipe library with thousands of international recipes, which you can simply download onto your unit at the click of the mouse. This is in addition to lots of expert tips, suggestions and videos for the optimisation of your kitchen. This is of course also available for your mobile via app and fulfils the highest security standards.

    Register at no cost and take advantage of all the benefits immediately:

  • ChefLine®

    If you have application or recipe questions, we provide support 365 days a year. You can reach the ChefLine at 866-306-CHEF (2433). Fast and easy support - from one foodservice professional to another.

  • RATIONAL Service Partner

    Our professional and responsive network of RATIONAL Service Partners provides swift and efficient help locally. Each factory-certified technician is trained annually on our equipment in order to better support you. We have a guaranteed spare parts supply and emergency coverage after normal business hours and weekends. You can contact your RATIONAL Service Partner or call our 24/7 hotline at 866-891-3528.

    Find your RATIONAL Service Partner here
    RATIONAL Service Partner


For additional information, please contact us at:

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If you have any application questions, you can call upon the experience of our RATIONAL master chefs 365 days a year.

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