Efficient CareControl.
Simply clean and limescale-free.

With Efficient CareControl, the SelfCookingCenter® will automatically clean and descale itself, and also do this unsupervised overnight if desired.

Depending on how dirty your unit is, it determines the necessary cleaning level and proposes an optimum dose of cleaning agent and descaler.

Benefits for you at a glance:
  • No additional expenses related to descaling or water softening systems
  • Clean Hygiene Guarantee ensures that your unit is always clean and well maintained
  • Minimal operating costs and workload
  • Usage of solid cleaning agents provides additional work safety

Cleaning and descaling.
With the SelfCookingCenter®, they’re automatic.

If desired, you can save a cleaning time schedule based on your operating hours. The SelfCookingCenter® will automatically signal at the defined times and will always keep your unit hygienically clean and perfectly maintained. Expensive and high-maintenance water softening is no longer necessary.

Efficient CareControl needs roughly 30% less resources than the previous model. Therefore, this costs much less than manually cleaning traditional appliances, and is also particularly safe due to the use of tabs.

Combination steamers clean on its own

Efficient CareControl

Additional functions:

Read on to learn about other intelligent functions.

“We save at least 900 USD a year only because we no longer need a water softening system. We have also reduced the running costs for cleaning chemicals, water and energy to a minimum.”

Alan Bird

Alan Bird


Birds of Smithfields / London, UK

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