The SelfCookingCenter®
The perfect cooking system for your supermarket.

Our lifestyles are changing, and for years now, this has spurred development of a booming market for takeout food. Demand is high for healthy, delicious food that customers can eat conveniently on the go to save time.

The new SelfCookingCenter® can reduce workloads on numerous specialty appliances—such as convection ovens, tilting fryers, rotisseries, boilers, deep-fryers, and steamers—or even replace those appliances entirely. You can use it to grill, roast, bake, steam, stew, blanch, poach, and much more, all within less than 11 ft² (around 1 m²).

Potential uses:
  • Hot food counters in record time
  • Quick to-go meals
  • Unsupervised overnight cooking
  • Baking like a pro
  • Delicious grilled chicken
  • Fresh, delicious lunch options

Quick takeout.
Benefits to go.

Now it’s easy to prepare all types of takeout food in a single appliance: the SelfCookingCenter®. That saves space, which you can put towards the far more revenue-generating use of presenting your supermarket’s wide variety of delicious and healthy menu selections.

You can use every rack on the SelfCookingCenter® at once to prepare any number of dishes, such as pizza, chicken wings, chicken nuggets, burgers, fries, or potato wedges.

Hot food counters:
filled and ready in just 60 minutes.

With the SelfCookingCenter®, you can prepare a delicious variety of hot-food counter options in just an hour—top quality dishes, reproducible at any time. This is possible thanks to iLevelControl, which maximizes the range of foods you can cook at the same time— for example breaded or pre-fried products, meatballs, grilled vegetables, or pizza or other baked goods.

Cook & Chill, Cook & Hold or Cook & Serve with the Rational SelfCookingCenter

Hearty and appetizing

Unsupervised overnight cooking.
Turn night into day.

Overnight cooking saves you time, because production occurs during nighttime hours, without you having to lift a finger.

Knuckle of veal, meat loaf, pork roast with crackling—simply load them all at once for overnight cooking, where they’ll be aged gently for incomparably tender, juicy results. Unload the meat in the morning, or crisp up any roasts that you want browned on the outside. Your SelfCookingCenter® will be free to use again just fifteen minutes later.

Bake like a pro.
Unrivaled quality in no time.

Use the SelfCookingCenter® to prepare baked goods in all their sweet or savory glory, and you’ll get bakery-quality results on every tray, from the first piece to the last. It is so easy to operate, any product will turn out perfectly the first time around. Just select "bake", load the SelfCookingCenter®, and just minutes later, you’ll be enjoying the delicious scent of fresh bakery products. It can produce up to 400 rolls in just ten minutes.

Baking with a steamer

Expand your menu

Delicious grilled chicken.
Hearty and juicy.

The perfect rotisserie chicken: crispy, golden brown, tender and succulent. The SelfCookingCenter® not only guarantees that kind of quality, it also cooks faster and does larger quantities at once.

You’ll need less than half the time you would with a standard rotisserie. Chickens lose less weight during cooking, and remain wonderfully juicy. As a result, you’ll save on raw ingredients by up to 17%—and gain quality and taste, which can’t be expressed in percentages.

Depending on what size of appliance you’re using, you’ll be able to prepare up to 96 grilled chickens in only 35 minutes with a single SelfCookingCenter®.

A full load of grilled chicken in the SelfCookingCenter

96 grilled chickens in 35 minutes

Fresh, delicious lunch options.
Finishing® in containers.

Finishing® is ideal any time you’re serving a wide variety of high quality food. The secret to its success is that it separates production and service: dishes are prepared in advance and then chilled in containers.

Just before they are needed, they are loaded into the SelfCookingCenter® in rolling batches and brought up to serving temperature within just a few minutes. Long holding times and overproduction become things of the past. Every dish comes out fresh, hot, hygienic, and in just the right quantities—every time.

“We generate 70% of our entrance-area earnings through our daily lunch special. Thanks to RATIONAL, our customers simply like our lunches.”

Herbert Lehnert

Herbert Lehnert

Head of Operations

EDEKA Stenger / Aschaffenburg, Germany

Our customers.
Success stories from the supermarket world.

  • Edeka Stenger - Aschaffenburg, Germany

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